Overall, my research interests are in constraining the timescales and conditions of planetesimal formation and evolution via elemental, isotopic and petrographic analyses of meteorites. 

Research group

Here’s a list of research topics I am currently working on:

Timing and conditions of fluid activity in early planetesimals  
I’m interested in using isotopic analyses of carbonates in chondrites to understand the compositions of the fluids, as well as the temperatures and timing of carbonate formation. In order to better the conditions in the protoplanetary disk that led the aqueous alteration of early planetesimals, I have been measuring the C and O analyses of CM chondrites.

Early solar system chronology 
Short-lived radionuclides (SLRs) are the main tools in cosmochemistry for understanding pre-solar history and for constraining the timescales of processes governing the formation and evolution of the protoplanetary disk. The presence of SLRs in the early solar system has been demonstrated through excesses in their daughter isotopes that correlate with the parent-daughter ratio in meteorites. However, much remains to be understood about their sources, their abundance and distribution in the early solar system. I have been working on constraining the initial abundance of 60Fe (t1/2 = 2.6 Myr) in the solar system by measuring the Fe and Ni isotopic composition of chondrules from various primitive chondrites.